Why his 2021 Academy Award for Best Actor was not received in vain

Anthony Hopkins is autistic. The octogenarian talked to The Daily Mail in 2017 about his disorder, with which he was diagnosed in 2014.

Bang out a quick Google search: “Anthony Hopkins and Autism and 2021 Oscars,” and you’ll find little literature written about how his win reflects the challenges and…

Recently catapulted — by himself, let’s add — into a notoriously sparse mainstream queer dialogue, Matt Damon both has and hasn’t used the ‘f-slur’.

Matt Damon takes everyone down during his flunked “teaching moment”

We are just as confused (those are millennial-approved italics), but the queer community needn’t worry. Good-ol’-boy Will Hunting, despite his recent contradictions, will, he assures us, never, ever use that word again.

Though we aren’t entirely sure which of his three daughters wrote the eye-opening “treatise” for him, we know…

Indulging in social mythology might mean you have nothing real to worry about

The nature of a conspiracy theory is, well, just that: purely conjectural.

Using passive folklore, the proponents of a conspiracy theory seek to actively publicize that which they believe is covert and nefarious — even if it the theory doesn’t have a pulse in the real world.

The lesser-known rhetorical device, kairos, is defined by the timing and appropriateness of storytelling

Chronos and kairos, both Greek words for “time,” have two essentially different meanings. Chronos is a word used to invoke the quantitative aspect of time: It’s half past five because thirty minutes have gone by since five o’clock. …

Studying the social psychology of writing requires us to identify how reading meaningful texts stimulates our collective neural networks

To understand the social psychology of writing, we can look at what it means in relation to the greater social world. We can look at how our writing relates, through composition, to ourselves and others. What is more, writing is dependent on the greater social world. …

Why we aren’t there yet, but why thinking of what the term means is no less pressing for those who will not make it through covid-19

“We are the virus and corona is the vaccine,” is the template for the tweets responsible for proliferating a new and eyebrow-raising folklore that attempts to connect a supernatural, “causal” relationship between “Mother Earth” and ourselves. If we are the virus, thus entertaining half-baked, though no-less-loud, Twitter feeds, and if…

How writers begin to think of “headline reading” as a gateway — not a roadblock — into their readers’ multimedia minds

The problem with hyper-focusing on getting the reader into and through our stories has reared its malignant head: We put so much of that story into our headlines that we leave nothing to the imagination.

The antediluvian maxim “know your audience” is outmatched as advice frequently offered in writers’ discourse…

The anxiety spurned by our present-day grapple with novel coronavirus, as with the abundance of absurdities experienced in our not-so-routine lives, asks us to think about Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” — yet again

“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams” Franz Kafka writes in his dorm-cult novella, “he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect,” an opening so poignant, so matter-of-fact and permanently applicable to any contemporary situation in which we might find ourselves that we cannot willingly…

During the epoch of social distancing — which is a system Americans are essentially trusted to honor — how do we look to the history of liberty in order to make peace with (or challenge) our traditional ideas of freedom?

John Locke dons the badge awarding him pioneer of modern American liberty with a sort of historical certainty. In contemporary libertarian discourse (and in buzzing, anti-aesthete, off-white chat rooms alike) his ideas concerning personal property are typically received with originalist sentiment — still, the idea of what counts as one’s…

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